Microchipping Your Dog

Are you thinking about having your dog microchipped for ID and safety purposes? Microchips are a great way to ID your dog. They microchip can also be a great way to add a second backup form of ID for your dog. If your dog has an ID on his collar and loses his collar then he can still be scanned for an ID with the chip. The average cost of having your dog microchipped is around $45 and often includes the insertion chip fee and a registration with a pet database. Your vet may charge an office visit or other additional fees so ask for pricing first. The procedure is quick and almost completely painless. The vet inserts a needle with the chip just below the dogs skin between the shoulder blades. Your dog will feel a quick pinch. That’s it. The chip is registered with its ID number and your contact information. Your Mt. Airy, MD veterinary clinic can give you more details. Click here.


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