“Kennel Tail” In Dogs

“Kennel tail” (also called ‘happy tail’) in dogs is actually a tail injury that can occur when the tail repeatedly slams against a hard surface. Enthusiastic wagging against a wall or furniture can unintentionally cause potential rupture of the blood vessels located at the tail tip. As the tail continues to wag around, blood appear to be ‘sprayed’ from the dog’s tail, and this can certainly be a frightening sight for dog owners. 

The problem tends to affect large canine breeds with short hair coats. This predisposition may be attributed to having larger tails-- the heavier the tail the more impact and momentum created. The short length of the hair coat also makes it easier and faster to move through the air, resulting in more impact. 

If this happens to your dog, you should bring your pet to your vet clinic Columbia, MD so steps can be taken to stop the bleeding. Visit the website for more information.


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