Pancreatitis In Cats

When the pancreas is inflamed, digestive enzymes are forced out of the pancreas into the abdomen. The enzymes break down other organs and even the pancreas itself. When caught early, treatment can be successful, however the condition can progress rapidly. In cats, the cause of pancreatitis often remains unknown. But it has been known to occur in association with certain types of infection, trauma, loss of blood flow, and organophosphate poisoning. It is also common among cats with gall bladder disease, irritable bowel syndrome, or hepatic lipidosis. While it can affect cats of any age or sex, it is quite common among female and senior cats. Among the feline breeds, it is the Siamese cat which is especially prone to developing the problem. 

Important symptoms that are displayed by affected cats include abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea, fatigue, loss of appetite, depression, fever, weight loss, and increase in heart rate. Bring your pet cat to your animal hospital Columbia, MD if you notice any of these symptoms.


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