Can My Dog Drink from the Toilet?

Believe it or not, some dogs actually prefer drinking from the toilet. This could be because the water is cooler, easier to get to (for larger dogs), or because it tends to be fresher because it is often flushed. Just watch out for chemicals in the water. If you clean your toilet, leave the lid down and prevent your dog from drinking from it for at least 24 hours to ensure everything has flushed away. If you use a cleaner in your toilet tank then do not let your dog drink from the toilet at all as chemical cleaner will be in the water in the bowl as well. If you use a device on the side of the bowl that refreshes water with each flush then make sure the lid stays down so your dog does not get to the water. If your dog drinks cleaner in the toilet water then call your Aurora, CO veterinary clinic. Read more here.


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