Lipoma In Cats

Lipomas are actually masses of soft tissue that develop under the skin. Most lipomas are benign and are self-limiting; the animal does not suffer from pain or discomfort. However, there are other growths that appear like lipomas but are actually malignant. It is for this reason that you must notify your veterinarian if you find a lump or bump on your pet cat. 

A lipoma feels soft and malleable. It can move slightly when touched. Its presence doesn’t really bother the cat except when it’s in a part of the body where it can inhibit or impede movement. A type of lipoma, called infiltration lipoma, that may spread to the surrounding tissues even though it is benign. After a thorough examination, your veterinarians Somerville, MA may recommend surgical removal of an infiltration lipoma if it is causing discomfort or inhibit movement. There is, however, a malignant fatty growth called liposarcoma which has a high metastasis-potential.


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