Vitamin C and Your Guinea Pig

Your guinea pig’s body cannot synthesize vitamin C so you need to add this essential vitamin to your pig’s diet to prevent scurvy. Preventing a vitamin deficiency is much easier than dealing with the results of scurvy. Vitamin C drops can lose their potency and dissipate quickly if mixed into your pig’s water. A better solution is to ensure that some of your guinea pig’s fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamin C. Papaya, oranges, kale, spinach and tomatoes offer lots of vitamin C. Scurvy will plague your guinea pig with swollen joints, malaise, muscular weakness, diarrhea, loss of appetite and weight loss. Wounds will heal slowly or they may bleed excessively. You may even notice some bruising from bleeding under the skin. Scurvy is a very serious condition and cause your guinea pig to die. Make an appointment with your vet London, ON for evaluation and treatment if you notice any signs of scurvy.


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