Your Cat's Scent Glands

Although your cat rubbing up against you feels flattering, she is also using her scent glands to mark you as part of her territory. She may push toward you so you will scratch her at the base of her tail. This stimulates the scent glands in that area. Your cat may encourage you to pet her on the sides of the head or the chin where there are other scent glands. Affectionate kneading on your lap and even destructive scratching on your furniture and drapery stimulates the scent glands in your cat’s feet and claws. Destructive scratching also lets others know what belongs to your cat, at least in her mind, by leaving a visual marker. She may repeat her marking to keep them fresh. Deter or redirect destructive scratching but other scent marking is pretty much harmless. Be kind to your cat. Contact your Roanoke, VA vet to learn more. Or click this website Harris Animal Hospital for additional information.


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