Fatty Liver Syndrome In Cats

Fatty liver syndrome can occur when a cat suddenly stops eating and experience dramatic loss of weight. The condition is also known as hepatic lipidosis. When the cat stops eating, the body start burning stored fats. Unfortunately, the cat’s liver is unable to burn a large quantity of stored fat at once, thus the liver can become overwhelmed in trying to keep up with the breaking down of the fats so the body can use it for energy. Hepatic lipidosis is common in middle-aged cats that are overweight. However, it can affected cats of all ages. In some cases, the problem can occur when cat owners are trying to get their overweight or obese cats to lose excess weight. The repid slimming down can actually be a sign of hepatic lipidosis. There are also several health issues that can cause the problem in cats, such as pancreatitis, inflammatory bowel disease, cancer, liver problems, and stress. If your cat needs to lose some weight, you should consult your vets Murrieta, CA for a weight loss program that can help your cat get rid of the pounds in a healthy manner.


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