Caring for Your Teething Puppy

Your will start to lose his baby teeth puppy when he is between three and nine months old. He will start to teethe as they fall out and his adult teeth sprout. Chewing on inappropriate things is tempting to relieve his discomfort but prevent this chewing so it doesn’t become a behavioral issue later. Put your shoes, clothes and other belongings in their proper place to keep them from tempting your puppy. Give him chew toys to work on and appropriate chewy treats. Restrict access to furniture or other household items your puppy may chew. Your puppy may end up chewing something inappropriate. Just pick him up with a stern “NO” and redirect them to an appropriate chew toy. Ensure that your puppy gets plenty of exercise. This will help prevent him from chewing out of boredom. For more information, contact your veterinarian Salem, VA.


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