Can Allergies In Cats Be Treated?

Although allergies cannot be treated or eradicated, it is possible to manage allergy symptoms and prevent future flareups. When it comes to allergies in cats, there are 3 major ways to manage the problem-- removing the allergen or preventing the cat’s exposure to the allergen, treating the allergy symptoms with medications, or gradual desensitization of the cat to the specific allergen. However, before the allergen can be removed from the cat’s immediate environment or prevent the cat’s exposure to it, there is a need to undertake steps to identify the specific allergen. Unfortunately, there are many cases of allergies in which the allergen is not identified. Allergens may be airborne, protein in flea saliva, or specific food ingredient/s. Antihistamines and corticosteroids alleviate itching while suppressing the cat’s hypersensitive reaction to the allergen. If secondary bacterial infections are present, your veterinarian Murrieta, CA may prescribe a round of antibiotics.


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