The Perfect Hamster Diet

Feeding a hamster isn’t really difficult, as long as you know your pet’s nutritional needs! Here’s what makes up the perfect hamster diet.

The majority of your hamster’s diet should come from the pellets you can find at the pet store. Do not get a pellet mix. Your furry friend will pick through his food, choosing the tastiest morsels, and leaving the healthiest stuff behind.

At most, only ten percent of your pet’s diet should be comprised of fruit, vegetables, grains, timothy hay, nuts, and other treats. Of course, it’s always better to give your pet fruit and vegetables that it is to give them sugary or high-fat treats.

Hamsters don’t overeat, so make sure to keep his bowl full of hamster pellets at all times! To learn more about how to create the perfect diet for your furry friend, click here, or call your veterinary clinic Tampa, FL.


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