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How to Clean Your Sphynx Cat’s Ears

If you own a cat like the Sphynx or other breed, it’s important that you check their ears regularly and ensure they are clean. Things can collect in the cat’s ears especially if they are large. For instance, gnats in the summer can’t get in the ears, wax can build up, or the ears can build up with dirt. You should check the ears regularly to make sure they are clean. If they’re not, you can clean them yourself at home. Check these steps with your vet first. Place vet approved liquid ear cleaner on a piece of cotton or gauze (i.e. mineral oil or hydrogen peroxide). Fold your cat’s ear back and wipe away dirt and wax from the outer ear. Don’t rub it in and avoid going into the ear canal. You may notice an odor, redness in the ear, swelling or other kind of discharge. If this happens, notify your Rochester, NY veterinary clinic.


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