What Can Cause Epilepsy in Dogs?

Have you ever seen your dog start convulsing or shaking uncontrollably? Has he passed out as a result? Your dog may have been having a seizure. You should notify your vet right away and schedule a checkup for your dog to determine what happened. Epilepsy can cause seizures in dogs. There can be different causes for a seizure. The main cause is a miscommunication in the brain that causes signals to be out of sync and can lead to a seizure. What the dog eats can cause a sudden seizure especially if the food digested was toxic in any way. A liver test can indicate if there was a rise in liver enzymes which may prove that food caused the seizure. Seizures can also be genetic and inherited from the mother. Your London, ON vet can tell you that other illnesses may cause seizures as well. Those may include, kidney disorders, liver disorders, infections, brain tumors, toxins, fevers, hyperthermia, trauma, medications, etc. 


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