The Bengal Cat

Did you know that the Bengal cat was developed by a series of individual breeders in the 1970s and 1980s? One of those breeders was Jean Sugden Mill. Why did they develop the Bengal? Simple. Many cat enthusiasts were looking for a cat with the temperament of a domestic cat but the exotic appearance of a wild cat. What they came up with was a hybrid of the Asian Leopard and domestic cat. The Bengal, as the breed became known as, is recognized by his beautiful coat patterns of swirly marbled designs that often look like the Asian Leopard. The Bengal also has an apparent ‘M’ on his head which is similar to the Tabby cat’s markings. Your London, ON vet can tell you that the Bengal breed is strong, athletic, and agile. The Bengal is eager to please making him easy to train. However, they are recommended for experienced cat owners only. Click here.


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