Important Medical Reasons For Grooming Pet Cats

Cats benefit from regular grooming. Although they may be fastidious groomers, they could use some grooming help from their humans. Here are important medical reasons for grooming pet cats:

  • Long hairs in the cat’s face can irritate the eyes and cause damage to the cornea. When trimming the hairs around your pet’s eyes, avoid using sharp scissors.
  • Ear infections and ear mites can be avoided when the ears are regularly cleaned. Be sure to ask your veterinary clinic Teller County, CO how to clean your cat’s ears properly. Always use an ear cleaning solution that can is specially formulated for cats. 

A good home dental regimen that involves regular tooth brushing and dental checks can help prevent periodontal disease. Tooth and gum problems are very common in cats and can have an adverse effect on their health and well-being.


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