How Many Hours a Day Do Dogs Sleep?

If you own a canine then you’ve probably noticed how much dogs seem to sleep each day. In general, most dogs will sleep around 12 to 14 hours a day depending on health and age. For instance, young puppies will sleep a lot longer because their bodies are still growing. They can play hard for a short time and then sleep for several hours. Older senior dogs need to sleep more hours a day to give their body a chance to rest and recuperate. It’s a good idea to keep younger pups separated from older pups in order to give the older pups a chance to rest and sleep. They can have play time together, but if you notice your older guy getting a little run down then give him a break and let him sleep without the rambunctious pups around. If your dog has a sporadic sleep schedule and you’re concerned, please call your vet Roanoke, VA.


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