Tips To Curb Excessive Barking in Dogs

Barking in dogs comes naturally for it is a primary way of communication. However, there are instance when dogs engage in excessive barking much to the chagrin of their owners and neighbors. The problem has to be nipped in the bud before it can become too much to handle. There are also barking deterrents that can be used to curb the behavior. These include the following:

Citrus collar

Dogs generally hate the scent of citrus. The collar is impregnated with a citrus scent that is released near the dog’s face when he barks. 

Ultrasonic deterrents

These are devices that are designed to emit ultrasonic sounds in response to a dog’s bark. The ultra-high frequency sounds can’t be heard by humans.

Some dogs that engage in excessive barking may need to undergo more obedience training routines. Creating lots of opportunities for physical and mental stimulation can also prevent boredom and help burn excess energy.

Consult with your vet Brampton, ON if you have any concerns about your pet’s behavior.


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