Cats at Risk for FeLV

Cats in general can be at risk of FeLV. Cats should be tested annually for the disease. If you adopt or purchase a cat, make sure you ask for proof of a negative FeLV test. FeLV or the Feline Leukemia Virus is a virus that affects cats. It cannot be passed to dogs, humans or other animals. It is, however, contagious between cats. Indoor cats are at a lower risk of FeLV then those living outdoors. FeLV can be spread through blood, bodily fluid, and saliva. If your outdoor cat gets in a fight with a FeLV positive cat then your cat could get FeLV too. Indoor cats are not as prone to come in contact with FeLV positive cats. Senior cats are also at a greater risk for FeLV because their age has slowed down their body’s inability to fight off illnesses. Talk to your Pickerington, OH vet for further information.


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