Basic Guinea Pig Cage Cleaning

Your guinea pig will be uncomfortable and get sick if in a dirty cage. Thus you need to clean it regularly. Scoop out feces and clumps of wet litter daily and remove uneaten fruits or vegetables. Schedule a weekly cage cleaning. Ensure your guinea pig is supervised in a safe place while you clean the cage. Remove everything from the cage and then dump the tray liner and litter in the trash. Wash the cage, toys, apparatus, food bowl, and water bottle using soap and water. Allow them to air dry. Consider using a pet-safe sanitizing spray to kill odors. Use a new liner and put in a thick bed of litter. Put everything else to the cage. Sprinkle some food into your guinea pig’s food bowl and refill the water bottle with fresh, clean water. Return your guinea pig to the cage when you’re done. Contact your vet Farmers Branch, TX to learn more click here. 


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