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What You Need to Know Before Purchasing an Egyptian Mau

If you’re looking to purchase or adopt an Egyptian Mau you need to know a few key facts. First, if you are purchasing to show, be advised that any color other than silver, bronze, smoke and black (all with spotted patterns) are not show eligible. As a pet, make sure you have time to give the Mau. He’ll need attention, interaction with others, and playtime. The Mau is very intelligent. He loves to ride on shoulders, climb tall furniture (i.e. refrigerators), and play. The May is also opinionated. He will choose his special ‘people’ and latch on for good. If you’re his chosen then you will be allowed to play, cuddle, and hold the Mau more than you may want. This guy may be small, but he’s super fast – the fastest of all domestic cats. Your Rochester, NY veterinarians can tell you that the Mau is a loving and loyal companion that needs to be around people. 


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