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The Fastest Cat Around – The Egyptian Mau

If you haven’t seen a picture of the Egyptian Mau then you should definitely look him up online. This is a remarkable cat with incredible physical characteristics. The most obvious physical trait is that cat’s exotic appearance and naturally spotted coat pattern. The Egyptian Mau looks like an exotic cat or a close relation of the cheetah. Speaking of cheetahs, the Egyptian Mau gets his strength from its ancestors which may have included the cheetah. The Mau is the fastest of the domestic cats. He has been clocked to be running at 30mph. In addition to his speed, the Mau has a cheetah’s gate and even has a loose flap of skin running from the flank to the hind leg that gives flexibility and speed for running and making twists and turns. To learn more about this incredible feline, give your veterinary clinic Rochester NY.


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