Don't Let Your Cat Play with Yarn or String

Contrary to popular belief, string and yarn are not the best options for toys when it comes to entertaining cats. Whether the cat is young, middle aged or old, he should never be left unsupervised when playing with a ball of yarn or even wrapped up string. Some vets recommend not allowing your cat to play with these items at all. Why? Yarn or string can be very dangerous and become a choking hazard for cats. If the cat has trouble wrapping the yarn around his paws he could end up accidently wrapping it around his neck causing himself to choke or suffocate. Some cats have been known to eat at the yarn or string and accidentally swallow it. Yarn can get stuck in a cat’s throat. If it makes it to the stomach, it can’t be digested. Instead, the yarn may get caught up in the intestines causing serious distress. Talk to your Woodstock, GA veterinarian to learn more. Visit this site for additional details.


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