Degenerative Joint Disease in Cats

Degenerative joint disease is also called DJD and is common in cats. The disease can affect all types of cats no matter the age, breed or sex. It is a chronic disease that is most common in cats that are prone to arthritis or hip dysplasia. For instance, the Burmese breed is known for having cases of DJD. Some experts may also refer to DJD as Osteoarthritis. Either way, the disease itself causes cartilage around the joints to deteriorate. Unlike arthritis, this is a long-term illness that gradually becomes worse. Arthritis is mainly inflammation and not deterioration. In the case of DJD, it is chronic inflammation that is a result of degeneration and deterioration of the complete joint. Your vet can tell you that the primary cause is aging. However, injuries to the joints can also trigger DJD. Learn more by consulting with your Mountain Park, GA vet.


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