Constipation In Pets - Treatment

Pets with constipation suffer from pain and discomfort. Mild cases of constipation can be corrected by giving fluids to rehydrate the animal, supplementing with fiber to promote regular bowel movement, and oral dose of mild laxatives. For moderate cases of constipation, a simple enema may help the animal pass feces. For severe constipation that fail to be alleviated with the above measures, experts have a procedure called manual deobstipation. The process involves manual removal of the feces from the animal’s rectum coupled with repeated enemas. There is usually a need to sedate or place the animal under anesthesia for manual deobstipation. However, there are cases when constipation is intractable and may require surgery to remove the feces from intestines and rectum. 

If your pet is prone to frequent constipation, you should make an appointment with your best animal hospital Crown Point, IN so the primary problem can be addressed and treated appropriately.


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