Tapeworms In Cats And Dogs

Tapeworms are intestinal parasites of cats and dogs. Although they rarely cause any signs of disease, they compete with their hosts in utilizing nutrients. One of the important routes by which tapeworms are spread is by swallowing fleas during grooming. Improperly prepared food is also an important route of infection. The good news is, these parasites are quite easy to prevent and get rid of. Take note that in some circumstances, tapeworms can be transmitted to humans. Pets with tapeworms may shed tapeworm feces in their feces. The segments look like sesame seeds or grains of rice and are often found in the stool, on the bedding, or around the anus of the animal. Tapeworms may cause itching or irritation of the anal region. Some pets infested with the parasite may also exhibit diarrhea, which is, however, an infrequent sign of tapeworm infestation. 

Talk to your veterinarian Crown Point, IN about the best way to protect your pet against tapeworms and other parasites.


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