Ear Hematomas In Pet Cats And Dogs

Aural or ear hematomas are often painful and irritating to affected pets. The condition occurs when there is accumulation of blood underneath the skin of the ear flap as a result of trauma. Persistent and violent head-shaking can also break the blood vessels (capillaries) in the ear causing blood to ooze out and accumulate under the skin. As blood accumulates, the area becomes noticeably swollen forming a hematoma. The problem with hematomas is that they can be frustrating to treat, and there is a possibility of recurrence. Although a hematoma is not life-threatening, affected pets can end up with permanent scarring and ear disfigurement. In some pets with the problem, they assume a distinct head tilt. Head-shaking is often caused by itchy ears brought about by ear infections or allergy reaction. If you notice your pet shaking his head frequently and persistently or there is a distinct swelling of the ear, schedule an appointment with your vet clinic Rockville, MD immediately so it can be examined sooner rather than later.


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