Feather Cysts In Birds

Feather cysts occurs when there is failure of a new feather to come out, causing it to curl up within the feather follicle just under the skin. As the feather continues to grow, the lump of the ingrown feather will also continue to grow and it will appear like an oval-shaped or long swelling. There can be one or more feather follicles that can become ingrown at a given time. While it can occur anywhere on the body of the bird, it usually occurs in the primary feathers of the wing of parrots. And although it can affect any type of bird, feather cysts are more common among parrots, canaries, and blue and gold macaws. 

Feather cysts are usually caused by an injury to the feather follicle. Infection of the feather follicle is also a potential cause. In canaries, the problem is attributed to be hereditary. 

Have your pet bird checked at your Pasadena, MD animal hospital if you notice lumps and bumps on their skin. 


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