Lick Granulomas In Dogs

Excessive grooming and licking of the skin between the leg and foot can lead to trauma and skin irritation. If it is not corrected, a granumola may develop at the junction. This is called a lick granuloma. It appears as fleshy masses that are hairless and pinkish in color. The behavior is actually a syndrome called ‘acral lick’. Experts believe that the problem has a psychological basis. Stress or boredom are important exacerbating factors. Affected dogs continue to lick and chew at the site because the action stimulates the brain to release endorphins or ‘happy hormones’. Unfortunatley acral lack is a challenge to treat and is rarely cured successfully. The treatment regimen that is composed of a combination of mental stimulation, physical activity, and medication (in severe cases) has been shown to keep the behavior under control. 

If your dog has the problem, talk to your Portland, OR veterinarian about the treatment options. 


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