Trimming your Spiny Tailed Monitor's Nails

Lizards can grow long nails that become sharp and dangerous to themselves and you. The sharp nails can hurt you when you try to hold your lizard. The sharp nails can hurt the lizard if the nails snag something or get caught on something. In the wild, lizards naturally wear down their nails when crawling along hard surfaces. In captivity, their nails need monitoring, filing, and clipping. Talk with your vet to find out if your lizard needs his nails trimmed. If so, you will want to use people finger nail clippers or clippers for lizards available at the pet store. You may want to wrap your lizard in a towel to make the process less stressful for him. When trimming the nails, just cut the very tips off. If you’re not sure about clipping the nails, ask your Bowmanville, ON vet for help. Learn more here:


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