Predisposing Factors Of Fight Abscess In Cats

An abscess is characterized by the accumulation of pus in wounds that have been infected by bacteria. It can commonly occur in unchecked periodontal disease or cat fight injuries. An abscess can easily be distinguished by the pronounced swelling under the skin where the infection is located. The spot tends to be painful and cats may not allow anyone to touch the area. If the abscess forms on a leg or foot, the cat may limp as he favors the part. When it is a result of a fight injury, there may be a scab or small puncture wound on the skin surface and the area may also be devoid of hair. As blood or pus ooze from the abscess, there may be a strong, foul-smelling odor coming from it. 

Cats that are allowed to venture outdoors have higher risks for abscesses. Indoor cats, on the other hand, have lesser chances of getting into fights with other cats and any wound is not as severe to lead to the formation of an abscess. Male cats are more likely to have abscesses because they get into fights more often than female cats. Intact cats also have a higher rate of abscesses as well as cats that are less than 7 years of age. 

If your cat has a history of developing abscesses, you should bring your pet to your animal hospital Happy Valley, OR if you notice any of the symptoms associated with the problem.


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