Treating Demodex Mites In Dogs

Skin problems caused by demodex mites can be frustrating to treat. Although the bald patchy areas of skin don’t really require aggressive treatment, there is the possibility that it can become a serious skin infection. In some cases, the symptoms are closely monitored to let the immune system mature until the problem is resolved. However, there are also topical medications that can be applied to the affected spots to speed up the process of healing. Optimum support such as a lifestage-appropriate premium quality diet, adequate physical activity, and rest can help support and boost immune system function and hasten the alleviation of symptoms. Pets suffering from demodicosis should also be given appropriate flea control measures. Dogs with concurrent health issues should also undergo appropriate treatment for their illness. There are other products that can be used for generalized hair loss but you should consult your pet clinic Fort Collins, CO before using any medication on your pet because some are potentially toxic to dogs and humans alike.


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