Taking Your Iguana for a Walk

Reptiles are normally thought of as caged creatures. These peculiar reptiles may be seen going for a short stroll around the house, but what about a nice walk in the fresh air? You can purchase a harness and leash for your iguana and train him to go for walks outdoors. Of course you should start first by teaching him to walk on a leash and harness in the house. Go for five minute strolls around the house so he can adjust to the leash, harness, and idea of walking about outside of his tank. Next, take him outdoors in small and secure areas of grass or sidewalk. Allow him to explore and look around. If any person or animal approaches, pick him up immediately for safety. Keep your iguana’s walks short. Brief moments of fresh air and time outdoors can be good for your critter. Ask your veterinarian Glen Ellyn, IL for more tips.


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