What to Feed Your Cat with an Upset Stomach

Does your cat have a stomach ache? If she’s walking with a hunched back or is curled up in a tight ball then she may have a stomach ache. Check her poop in the litter box to find out if it’s hard (indicating constipation) or loose and runny (indicating diarrhea). Notify your vet if your cat continues to be sick for more than a day or two. You can help your cat treat diarrhea by giving her a serving of powdered fiber (like Metamucil) twice a day. This will help regulate her system and calm stomach upset. For immediate food options, feed your cat cooked white rice and boiled hamburger or boiled chicken. This should help ease your cat’s stomach and give her more energy and cause her to want to drink more. Talk to your Cy-Fair vet for more tips on what to feed your cat when she has an upset stomach.


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