Can My Cat Eat Chocolate?

No. Cats should not eat chocolate. Like dogs, cats should avoid eating any type of chocolate. Do know that if your cat accidentally ingests a crumb or small piece of chocolate she will most likely be fine. However, if she eats a large amount of chocolate such as a candy bar, please call your vet right away. It can be tempting to share a sweet treat with our feline friends, but it’s not to the benefit of their health. Chocolate especially can be highly toxic especially if ingested in large quantities. Chocolate contains caffeine along with theobromine chemicals. These chemicals are stimulants that can cause the heart and nervous system to behave erratically. Other signs of chocolate poisoning may include increased thirst, vomiting, swelling or extension in the abdomen, muscle tremors, fever, etc. Always notify your Webster, NY vet if your cat is having any type of reaction to chocolate or other foods. Read more here.


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