Can Guinea Pigs get Stressed?

Guinea pigs can get stressed for a number of reasons. For instance, things in the environment that may cause stress include loud noises (i.e. the cage is sitting next to the television), heavy foot traffic (if the cage is in a doorway or hallway where lots of people are going by), and inconsistent feeding times. The feeding times especially can cause stress. If a cavy is used to eating at the same time every day he could stress out if you forget to feed him or feed him a few hours later. Leaving your guinea pig with a treat stick or extra hay can help. Signs that your guinea pig is stressed may include pacing, nervous squealing, shaking, and loss of appetite. A guinea pig that is stressed is prone to illnesses. If you think your cavy is stressed, ask yourself what may be the cause and call your Los Gatos, CA veterinary clinic right away for assistance.


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