Differences Between Gerbils and Hamsters

Have you ever wondered what the differences are between a hamster and a gerbil? If you’re looking to bring a small pocket pet into the home then knowing the difference could help with your decision on what type of pet to bring into your home. The main difference is that hamsters have short stubby tails while gerbils have tails that look more like mice tails. Hamsters prefer living in groups or at least with a buddy while gerbils are just fine living on their own. In fact, they often fight if there are other gerbils in ‘their’ home. Looks and temperament are the biggest differences. In terms of eating habits and exercise the two are quite similar. They both like to run the exercise wheel and climb things. They both eat greens, veggies, and seeds. Your Cameron Park, CA vet can help you decide which to adopt for your family.


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