Mississippi Map Turtles and Swollen Eyelids

Swollen eyes can be a common occurrence in turtles like the Mississippi Map turtle and other breeds that are kept as pets. Swollen eyes can develop due to an injury, infection, or other illness. In fact, your turtle’s eyes can tell you a lot about his overall health. If you notice something is amiss with your turtle’s eyes then there could also be something else going on with your turtle’s health. You will need to contact your vet and schedule a checkup to find out. In many cases, a swollen eye is due to debris getting into the eye or an eyelash poking into the eye. You want to have the eye treated sooner than later. If the swollen eye gets so bad that the turtle cannot see then he won’t be able to find his food and eat. Even if the eye doesn’t seem to swollen, never hesitate to call your Oshawa, ON veterinarian. Learn more here.


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