Are There Safe And Unsafe Bones For Dogs?

Bones can be fairly risky for dogs. When ingested, chicken bones can possibly cause tearing of any part of the gastrointestinal tract because they can easily break down and have a sharp edge. Although beef bones are a better alternative than chicken bones because they don’t usually break down, they can become a choking hazard when swallowed. Bone marrow also contains high amount of fat that’s why dogs love chewing and swallowing them. However, the fat increases their risk for developing pancreatitis. Dogs also run a risk of becoming injured from eating bones. Rib bones can get stuck of the roof of the mouth or knuckle bones can wrap around the dog’s lower jaw. 

If you really want to give bones to your dogs, go for the ‘artificial bones’. These are the ones that are specially manufactured for dogs and are made up of chicken and vegetables. 

If your dog has swallowed a bone, it is a good idea to call your Marion, IA veterinarian so you will be instructed on what to do. 


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