Picking Up After Your Dog

If you have to walk your dog outside of your home, please make sure you prepared for the walk by taking along a water bottle and dog waste bags. Some apartment complexes and even home owner associations require renters or homeowners with dogs to pick up their dog’s poop. Some apartment complexes especially will provide potty bags and a place to throw them out. When walking your dog in a neighborhood, whether it’s yours or not, you should be prepared to pick up your dog’s poop. Pet stores cell a variety of potty bags and sizes. They also sell dispensers that can attach easily to your dog’s leash handle. Picking up your dog’s poop helps keep the area clean and makes it easy for neighbors to keep their feet clean and keeps them from being upset for poop on their lawn. For more information or to purchase potty bags, give your vet London, ON a call for help.


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