Tips To Avoid Display of Destructive Behaviors In Pet Rabbits

Some destructive behaviors displayed by rabbits are brought on by being exposed to specific stressors. Identifying the stressor and preventing or minimizing exposure are the primary steps to take in addressing the problem. However, there are also ways to avoid or stop destructive behaviors in pet rabbits. If you have only one rabbit, consider getting him a spayed or neutered partner. This is especially effective in bad habits that are brought about by boredom. Rabbits are actually social creatures and they thrive with the company of other bunnies. They tend to be happier, healthier, and less prone to developing destructive behaviors. Other things that you can do to prevent your rabbit from engaging in the behavior include providing lots of physical and mental stimulation including spending time outside the cage. Just be sure to keep pet rabbit under close supervision during this time. Lots of chew toys will also give your pet busy throughout the day. 

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