Important Implications Of Persistent Foot Chewing In Dogs

There is a long list of potential causes of foot chewing in dogs. Whatever may be the reason, foot chewing that is left unchecked can pave the way for more issues that will need proper veterinary intervention. In some cases, an animal behaviorist may be necessary if a dog’s paw biting has been ruled out by your Aurora, CO veterinarian as a healthy issue. 

When a dog persistently licks and chews at this paws, it can cause a disruption in the normal barrier of the skin as well as the normal defense mechanisms of the skin. As they keep on licking and chewing at their paws, the area remains damp, creating a favorable environment for yeast and bacterial infections. This is particularly common in dogs with thick hair coats because the layers retain moisture. The tongue of a dog has a rough surface and repeatedly licking on itchy paws can cause hair loss, hot spots, and skin lesions. Visit this website Aspen Commons Animal Hospital for more details.


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