Feather Picking In Birds

Have you noticed your bird pulling out its feathers excessively? Feather picking is different from molting which is a natural physiological process. Feather picking is triggered by a variety of causes. Many experts believe that the behavior is brought about by certain psychological or physiological disturbances, however it is very difficult to pin down which condition is responsible. This odd behavior is also called feather plucking. There are instances when it is considered a natural behavior such as when they pluck feathers for protection, to regulate their body temperature, or to attract a mate. The behavior becomes destructive when the bird roughly pulls out large quantities of feathers at a single time. Some common causes of feather plucking in birds include a diet that contains artificial colors and preservatives, lack of sunlight, poor ventilation, dry skin, disturbances in the normal day and night cycles, metabolic disorders, emotional stress, parasites, and allergies. There is still a long list of potential causes thus it is a good idea to work with your animal hospital Forest Hill, MD in identifying the trigger factor so the problem can be addressed ASAP. 


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