The Importance of Providing Water for Your Geese

If you are planning to bring a goose to your farm or if you already have one, consider buying a mate or a companion for your goose. Geese are always better in pairs or in flocks as it helps their overall temperament. They often have better health and eating habits when in pairs or flocks then they do on their own and alone. Geese also like to have fellow feathered friends to play with in the water. For instance, if you don’t have access to a natural pond then you should provide your geese with a child size pool to swim in, wash in and even drink from. Geese thrive on water sources around them for drinking and cleaning. Fill the pool half way so you can easily dump it later. Allow your goose to swim and drink to his heart’s content. Dump it and replace it with fresh water to avoid algae growing or a smell developing. Talk to your Westminster, MD vet for more tips. Or visit this site.


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