The Basenji

The Basenji is unique canine breed that most recently dates back to prehistoric times thanks to DNA studies. Cave paintings of the dog were discovered in Libya and date back between 6000BC and 100AD. One of the older canine breeds, the Basenji originated in the Congo basin region in Africa. Its name is from the Lingala language of the Congo which translates to ‘villager dogs.’ The Basenji is often likened to the pariahs and dingoes or wild free ranging dogs. The Basenji is a barkless dog as was the custom for Central Africa. Tribes could not keep barking dogs as the barks would give their encampment location away to enemy tribes. Instead, the Basenji yodels or howls. A picture of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert from 1843 depicts a Basenji among the royal dogs. More information about this breed can be found at your Oshawa, ON vet.


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