Does My Hedgehog Need a Vet?

Although your hedgehog may not need a vet as frequently as a dog or cat that doesn’t mean he doesn’t need a vet at all. Hedgehogs need to see a vet routinely to ensure that the hedgehog is well and doing great. When you first adopt or purchase your hedgehog, give your local vet office a call and ask if they take hedgehogs. Schedule an appointment and go and just talk to the vet. Tell him about your hedgehog and any behaviors or habits he has developed. Your vet can help you determine if those behaviors are common or if your hedgehog is trying to tell you something like ‘help, I can’t get up.” Having a pre-established vet can help speed up future care concerns and requirements. Ask fellow hedgehogs owners where they take their little ones. You can always call your veterinarians Conyers, GA to schedule an appointment as well.


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