Packing Your Cat’s Food for a Road Trip

Taking kitty along for a road trip? That’s great. Here are some tips you may find useful when prepping and packing your cat for the ride. First, figure out how many days you will be gone. If it’s seven then measure out seven days of food in a large zip-loc bag. Next, measure enough food for the days you’ll actually be in the car and store this in a smaller zip-loc bag that you can retrieve easily. If you are giving your cat wet food bring along extra zip-loc bags to store the opened food in just in case it leaks. It’s a good idea to carry plastic spoons or forks to serve out the wet food with as well. Pack a food bowl and a collapsible water bowl for your cat. Bring bottled water to pour into the bowl. For more tips, call your veterinarian Los Gatos, CA.


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