Can I Leave My Dog Out for the Day in the Snow?

If your dog is used to staying outdoors during the day while you’re at work or at school, make sure you have adequate shelter available for him. Your dog should have access to fresh, unfrozen water, and fresh food. He should also have a place where he can escape to in order to avoid the wind, rain, and possibly snow. Depending on the temperatures, your dog can stay out in the snow. For instance, some snowy days are simply snow showers with temperatures in the upper 30s and 40s. This is suitable as long as your dog has shelter and even a water proof blanket. Snow days where it’s windy and temperatures are cold are not safe for your pup to be outdoors. A general rule of thumb, if you’re not going to stay outdoors more than 5 minutes than neither should your dog. Talk to your Pickerington, OH vet for more suggestions.


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