Causes Of Inappropriate Urination In Cats

Cats that exhibit inappropriate urination can be suffering from specific health issues or has developed an aversion to the litter box. If your kitty is urinating outside of the litter box frequently, you should take your pet to your veterinarian Teller County, CO so any underlying health issue can be addressed immediately, if present. Some medical problems in which inappropriate urination may be manifested include urinary tract infection, kidney disease, diabetes mellitus, and arthritis to name a few. However, there are also non-medical reasons why cats eliminate outside of their litter box. They may have issues with the litter box including negative experiences they may have while using the litter box, they don’t like the location of the litter box or the type of litter that is used. They may also hate the design of the litter box. Cats won’t hesitate to do their thing elsewhere if they find the litter box dirty and foul-smelling. To learn more click here. 


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