Managing Your Dog’s Barking

Your dog communicates his needs by barking. This barking can be annoying and intrusive. However, other times barking may be necessary. Controlling inappropriate barking starts by understanding why your dog is barking. Barking is okay when people knock at the door or if there are intruders on your property. Your dog’s barks alert you to these situations. Once you are alerted though, you need to stop your dog from barking. It is problematic if your dog barks at every person or nearby car so he can defend his territory and it needs to stop. Short periods of barking to greet other people or dogs or while playing is fine. But you need to stop barking if your dog becomes compulsive and repetitive or he paces in your home or along a fence. Manage each barking type using praise rather than punishment. Learn more from your veterinary clinic Farmers Branch, TX.


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