Safety Tips For Dogs In The City

Pet dogs living in the city can face several challenges brought about by the urban setting and the lifestyle of their owners. There are certain precautionary measures that should be given prime importance to ensure their health and well-being. Living in high-rise buildings means using secured window screens to prevent dogs falling out of windows and from balconies. There have been many of these cases that happen to city dogs. When you are inside an elevator with your pooch, always remember never to drop the leash because it could easily get caught in the closing door and can choke your pet. During summer when sidewalks are very hot, always remember the ‘5-second rule’. Put your hand on the pavement for 5 seconds; if you can hardly hold it there for 5 seconds because it’s too hot, then it will surely too hot for your canine buddy to walk on. You may also choose to buy your dog a pair of booties or a stroller so you can take regular outdoor excursions even in hot pavement. With all the cars passing by, a dog can easily get hit by one when they dart into the street. 

Your veterinarians Des Moines, IA is an important source of information when it comes to your pet’s health and well-being. 


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